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How do notifications work? 

We want Equity to be a secure and safe place for all. To help ensure security, only certain notifications are sent to you. These notifications will only be through email. Most users prefer to unsubscribe to these notifications, and check notifications in “Event Notifications” or “Discussion Notifications” 


What are my event notifications for?

On the calendar icon, in your events feed, you can follow certain event category. Once you’ve followed a category, you’ll receive in-app notifications every time someone posts a protest or public demonstration. You can find these notifications under “Event Notifications”. 


Why do I have two of the same feeds?

On your home page, your feed is a discussion-based forum. You can discuss an event you’re trying to plan, current events, politics, etc. 


Your second feed will appear on the calendar icon. The exact same categories are laid out. This feed is solely for solidified events. You can create and post your event or browse other protests occurring. You can add these to your in-app calendar as well. 


How can I donate? 

You can donate by visiting our website, on your desktop or mobile phone (with desktop view). Thank you for helping equity stay alive. 

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